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Our Videography and Photography Packages


In 2000, a couple of musicians got together at University and formed the band ‘From the 3rd Story.’ The band name inspired by  a poem written by  U.A.Fanthorpe called “From the 3rd storey,.”  The singer, Saranne Bensusan, left the band several years later and signed a recording contract. The band subsequently reformed with a new singer and became metal band ‘Duty  Paid’.

After fulfilling the recording contract, Saranne then released music  herself through her own independent label:

The Story Begins by SAranne Bensusan available from

In 2009, ‘From the 3rd Story Productions’ expanded into independent film production, focusing on low   budget and short film production for festivals.

In 2010, Saranne teamed up with film maker Lawrence Mallinson to start  producing feature films.  Lawrence has formidable experience himself  as a maker of short films, and the pair have had every film they  have made screened at  an international film  festival.

Our Videography and Photography Packages

Our prices are quite simple – they are totally personalised and suitable for your requirements. In the same way you choose what you need, you also choose what the price will be.


All you need to do is tell us what your needs are in terms of photography and/or videography, and we will tell you what is involved, how many people will be needed, and provide a breakdown of how many  hours work it will be so that you can make an informed decision. You will then decide what the price will be. This price will not be subject to VAT.


From the 3rd story  productions have produced a number of feature films since their inception, more info. can be found here.

From the 3rd story  productions also provide production and post-production services, click here to find out more about our services.

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